Investify Stocks

Pakistan's first real-time android and iOS stocks and portfolio manager app for the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

by Recube Technologies

Real Time

All PSX trading and market data is real-time, so you can make quick decisions on the go.


Detailed trading data, fundamentals and technicals allow you to make informed decisions.


Your personal stock watchlist and portfolio manager will keep track of your investments.


Be updated through morning business news and daily market closure through notifications.

Top Features

  • Track Portfolio Returns
  • Flexible Stocks Watchlist
  • Fundamentals & Technicals
  • Live PSX, KSE & KMI Indices
  • Symbol Sorting Features
  • Market Notifications
  • Top Business News

5-Star Reviews on the Google Play Store

A comprehensive stocks app was really missing on Android, has been really smooth and useful so far!

5-Star Reviews on the Google Play Store

It is refreshing to see a Pakistan specific finance app, and more refreshing to see one which puts design and ease-of-use first.

5-Star Reviews on the Apple AppStore

Investify for iOS is the only such app to provide the best tools for tracking portfolio on the Pakistan Stock Exchange! Keep it up.

Convinced Yet?

Investify Stocks is the first and the most comprehensive stocks tracking application on the Google Play Store and the iOS AppStore for the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Download it now, and see for yourself! You can also support us by removing ads through an in-app purchase